V.106 – Alliance Rising Update Notes

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Legend Experience?

In the midst of this epic patch, I want to take the time to ask…how is your experience with Legends?

Personally, I have found it amazing! It’s been quite exciting in almost every phase. I truly like the fact that many of you are diligently leveling and enjoying these new classes. Guess its safe to expect a few more 200s?

Anywho, how is everyone liking Legends? Let me know! I really wanna hear some responses.

Much Love! Sushi Nation!

~ Li

Going Strong!

We’re two phases in on the Legends patch and it seems to me that we’re all in full swing (#rachieOTL). Everyone is training and many of us are becoming active. It’s quite a astonishing! I am happy that we are making big strides with these new and exciting classes. A big congratulations to everyone! The levels keep going up and we’re getting stronger and stronger!

I am proud of everyone for as all their accomplishments. I am happy to see so many new faces in both guilds. Now, as we continue to pursue out maple goals. I hope we can all support one another and keep on pushing! Let’s keep on going strong through this Legends phase! I hope to see a highly leveled Cannon Masters and Mercedes’

Well, that’s all for now. Much love!

– Li

Thanksgiving Weekend

There was certainly a lot to be thankful for during this weekend. In relation to Maple, we got a very pleasant four day 2x exp event. There was a lot of levels gained and plenty of things accomplished. It was quite eventful!

Shooting a big congratulations to AJ (SmooveHero) for hitting that level 200 status. Good stuff sir! – We’re definitely looking forward to your next one.

Also, let’s continue to give our support for Jenny (K3Sharkies). She is well on her way to claiming level 200 status. Looking forward to that eventful day!

As for other things Sushi, I am proud of all of those that leveled and continued to make gains. We’re continuing to develop as a guild and that certainly makes me happy.

Well that’s it for now. Much love!

~ Li

p.s. Big Ups to Ariel (DBfailsNowCC) of Lollicup on 198! Two more levels!