Legend Experience?

In the midst of this epic patch, I want to take the time to ask…how is your experience with Legends?

Personally, I have found it amazing! It’s been quite exciting in almost every phase. I truly like the fact that many of you are diligently leveling and enjoying these new classes. Guess its safe to expect a few more 200s?

Anywho, how is everyone liking Legends? Let me know! I really wanna hear some responses.

Much Love! Sushi Nation!

~ Li


Going Strong!

We’re two phases in on the Legends patch and it seems to me that we’re all in full swing (#rachieOTL). Everyone is training and many of us are becoming active. It’s quite a astonishing! I am happy that we are making big strides with these new and exciting classes. A big congratulations to everyone! The levels keep going up and we’re getting stronger and stronger!

I am proud of everyone for as all their accomplishments. I am happy to see so many new faces in both guilds. Now, as we continue to pursue out maple goals. I hope we can all support one another and keep on pushing! Let’s keep on going strong through this Legends phase! I hope to see a highly leveled Cannon Masters and Mercedes’

Well, that’s all for now. Much love!

– Li