Sushiology Event!?! #2

Date: Saturday – March 10th, 2012
Date Update: Postponed till Sunday – March 11th, 2012

Time: 3:30 EST (12:30 PST)

Greetings everyone!?!

*ahem* Gather around! The it’s time for another epic game of Lucky Dice! Now, I know it has been a while since the last one and i’ll take full on blame for that. But it’s time to bring it back for all of Sushiology & Inspire Alliance to enjoy. Hopefully we have another successful turn out like last time. We’re expecting a great amount of participation this time around because it’s always fun with more people. So, please join us!

Now, comes the important part. In order for us to keep track of participants and people interested, we would like for you to kindly place comment below. Leave your Name and IGN and that’s absolutely it! We certainly hope to see a lot of interested people because it will certainly be exciting!

– Li

Due to date confusion the event will be postponed till tomorrow, Sunday 11th, 2012



Crimsonwood PQ!!!

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V.106 – Alliance Rising Update Notes

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Bored Blog…

Hey guys!

I’m a bit bored (due to maple downtime…) so I thought I would write a bit on the website. Anyways, as most of us have experienced the love/hate relationship with Maple as of late. There has been some good that has come of it. The constant lag and disconnection issues are bothersome but the 3x experience rate has been awesome. Many of our members have taken advantage of it and that makes me happy. I enjoy seeing that we’re all leveling up and couple of us have even hit level 200!

btw…GRATS TO RICHI & TIMMEH on level 200 status!

and hopefully more of use will be getting to that mark soon! Honestly it’s been fun and hopefully we can continue to make gains. Hmms…I guess that’s where I should leave off for now. I don’t think anyone wants to keep on reading me ramble. Until the next bored blog! Peace!

Much Love!

~ Li

Lucky Dice!

Greetings Everyone!

Just dropping in a quick post for everyone to sum up the awesome event last night. First off, thanks to everyone that participated! Without you guys this wouldn’t of been a success. Congratulations to Jen (22lovepinkxD), Timmy (SanityStab) & Jas (SoaringBliss) on winning! As for everyone else  we just hope you guys come back to participate next time!

I personally enjoyed the event and I know for sure we will be hosting it again in the near future! Well please take some time to click the link below and check out the awesome screen-shot from last night’s festivities.

– Lucky Dice!

~ Li

Sushiology Event!!!

Date: Saturday – January 21st, 2012 at 10 to 10:30 PM EST

Greetings everyone!

We’re planning on hosting an event this weekend for our guilds & alliance. The event is called “Lucky Dice” and we’re hoping for a good turn out on the participation. It is open to all of you but there’s one catch. You must sign up for the event! It’s important for us to know who is truly interested in participating in the event. We are very excited to host this for all of you so let’s make this fun and successful!

I am sure there’s a few questions that you guys have concerning the event. All of that will be explained once we get a final roster or participants. So it’s IMPORTANT that you let us know you’re interested in participating! Please post your IGN/Name to let us know you’ll be joining in! The cut-off for signing up will be Friday, hope to see everyone there!

Edit: Sign-Up has been pushed back! So sign-up now!!!

~ Li

Guild HQ!!!


Today I come forth with our first official issue for 2012! It is an issue that must be tackled as a unit so I am asking for everyone’s input. For quite some time I’ve played with the idea of having an official guild HQ or hangout/afk spot. Although we seemed to be commonly found in ch.7 (which is our guild channel) I thought maybe we should take another step forward and have a spot we just sit around at.

Now…the part that needs you!

I am asking for everyone to place their input in on our guild HQ. What are the options? Well we’re going to need a place that people could easily access. Sure…we can default to FM (zzz…) but doesn’t everyone? Anyways…I was thinking of using one of the PQ portal maps. There’s quite a selection but I’m sure there’s one we could all mostly agree on choosing? Sooooo leeego let’s get some ideas in!!!

Ex Comment:
IGN/Name: Sushiologist
Map: Rex PQ
Why: It’s dark…muaahahahahaha!!! *cough* I mean um…

*keep in mind both Sushiology & SushiBoat will make this place their home. Certain PQs have level requirements so just be mindful of that*

~ Li