V.106 – Alliance Rising Update Notes

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Guild HQ!!!


Today I come forth with our first official issue for 2012! It is an issue that must be tackled as a unit so I am asking for everyone’s input. For quite some time I’ve played with the idea of having an official guild HQ or hangout/afk spot. Although we seemed to be commonly found in ch.7 (which is our guild channel) I thought maybe we should take another step forward and have a spot we just sit around at.

Now…the part that needs you!

I am asking for everyone to place their input in on our guild HQ. What are the options? Well we’re going to need a place that people could easily access. Sure…we can default to FM (zzz…) but doesn’t everyone? Anyways…I was thinking of using one of the PQ portal maps. There’s quite a selection but I’m sure there’s one we could all mostly agree on choosing? Sooooo leeego let’s get some ideas in!!!

Ex Comment:
IGN/Name: Sushiologist
Map: Rex PQ
Why: It’s dark…muaahahahahaha!!! *cough* I mean um…

*keep in mind both Sushiology & SushiBoat will make this place their home. Certain PQs have level requirements so just be mindful of that*

~ Li

Update: Help Box!

Hey guys!

Just a quick little up-date and addition to the website. Richi suggested that we make a section dedicated to providing help. Well great news! We now have a “Help Box” section where you may post about any concerns, issues or questions that you may have. Feel free to use it to your liking! We will be sure to check the section daily and try to do our best to provide assistance.

How to find it? Scroll over “The Extras” and click on “Help Box” and you will be taken to the page!

Also, here’s a link: Help Box

~ Li

Seasons Greetings! ft. New Layout

It’s December! Meaning the Winter Holidays are around the corner. This is the time of the year we usually see an increase in activity because people are out of school and on break. This December is also going to be big Maplestory wise. The Legends patch is on the cusp for it’s release and I am sure everyone is as excited as I am. November was a great month and I am hoping this up-coming December is even better!

Updates? Well…if you haven’t noticed we went red! New layout for our website. As for other in-game related news I am probably going to get to that in a later post. Anyways I am thankful for all of the activeness I’ve seen from both Sushiology & SushiBoat! We have a lot of new members and we are definitely looking forward to the continual development. Much Love!

~ Li

New New!

Hey guys!

Just thought I would change the layout a bit. Went with a Purple, Gray, Black & White scheme here. It’s pleasant but please forgive the bland look. It isn’t the most appealing but as soon as I start getting more brushes for my photoshop, I will certainly start making more eye catching banners & backgrounds (I hope…)

Also we have a new screen shot up! All Screenshots are located under the “Sushi Life” page. Well check it out!

Cactus Time

~ Li



Almost Time to Recruit!

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve openly recruited into the guilds. The guild rosters seems to be thinning up a bit and I think it’s time to welcome some fresh new faces. I am currently working on a listing for Basil so hopefully I can get it finished an up so we can start increasing in numbers!

Let’s prepare ourselves to welcome the new members with open arms and let them get to know us. I am counting on my juniors and all current members to play a part in helping the new members get acclimated. I know school is in session and most of us are quite busy so I don’t demand anyone’s time. Just do what you can do, when you have free time!

~ Li

Website Revival!!!

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a while since i’ve last updated this site. I really think it’s about time to revive it! There’s been a lot that’s gone on this summer and unfortunately the website had gotten neglected. Well that’s going to change, it’s time to turn this site into what i’ve originally envisioned it to be! Lots of updates coming and lots of Sushiology related fun. You guys will certainly be seeing more from this website!

~ Li