Lucky Dice!

Greetings Everyone!

Just dropping in a quick post for everyone to sum up the awesome event last night. First off, thanks to everyone that participated! Without you guys this wouldn’t of been a success. Congratulations to Jen (22lovepinkxD), Timmy (SanityStab) & Jas (SoaringBliss) on winning! As for everyone else  we just hope you guys come back to participate next time!

I personally enjoyed the event and I know for sure we will be hosting it again in the near future! Well please take some time to click the link below and check out the awesome screen-shot from last night’s festivities.

– Lucky Dice!

~ Li


New New!

Hey guys!

Just thought I would change the layout a bit. Went with a Purple, Gray, Black & White scheme here. It’s pleasant but please forgive the bland look. It isn’t the most appealing but as soon as I start getting more brushes for my photoshop, I will certainly start making more eye catching banners & backgrounds (I hope…)

Also we have a new screen shot up! All Screenshots are located under the “Sushi Life” page. Well check it out!

Cactus Time

~ Li



New Creations!

Check out the “Inspired Creativity” section for two new submissions!

Family Tree by Jenjen
iRandomAran by Li

Thanks guys!

~ Li