About Us

Greetings! I am Li, the guild leader of Sushiology & SushiBoat. My goal is to provide a family-like atmosphere for those that wish to join and remain a part of the guild. When I first created Sushiology, I aspired to establish a successful guild that would be held in high-regards similar to those guilds already well-known in Khaini. Since then, I’ve made the decision to make a little change to how I want to establish our identity. Although I would still like for the guild to attain such remarks, I would be able to live without them. My focus now is to shape the guild based on the family-like characteristics I intended to hold when I created it; with Love, Peace, and Harmony.
Love: Care for one another, help one another, support one another and have pride in the guild.
Peace: Do not hate or belittle one another, accept one another, refrain from the drama and be kind.
Harmony: Keep unity in mind, maintain strength and loyalty, and focus on preserving our ethics.

Additional Info:
Allianced with:
– SushiBoat
– Lenient
– Lollicup
– Ascend


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