Richi’s Secret Service (SushiPoint Event #3) Gameplay!!!

Update: Due to conflicting schedules the event will be pushed back 2 hours. It will now start at 5:00 PM EST (2:00 PM PST)

The event is coming up so let me help you get better prepared.

Objective: Get me, or one of my assistants, to my rendezvous point.

Sounds easy enough right?

There are 3 different difficulty levels you can choose from:

  • Normal: No additional conditions
  • Hard: The person you’re escorting isn’t allowed to use any buffs.
  • How Rachie Does it: The person you’re escorting isn’t allowed to use any buffs and will not be equiped with ANY equipment.

Each team will be starting with 10,000 points at the beginning of the event, these points will be used to purchase the potions and skills that i am allowed to use. These points will also determine who will win at the end of the event. The team with the highest point count wins.


  • Potion List/Cost: (please note that one stack holds 300 potions)
    • Red Potion(Recovers 50 HP): 100 points per 4 stacks
    • Orange Potion(Recovers 150 HP): 100 points per 2 stacks
    • White Potion(Recovers 300 HP): 100 points per stack
    • Unagi(Recovers 1,000 HP): 200 points per 150
    • Barbarian Elixer(Recovers 1,500  HP): 200 points per 100
    • Mana Elixer(Recovers 300 MP): 100 points per stack
    • Sorcerer Elixer(Recovers 1,500 MP): 150 points per 100
    • Ginseng Root(Recovers 40% HP and MP): 400 points per 50
    • Ginger Ale(Recovers 75% HP and MP): 600 points per 35
    • Archer Elixer(+20 Avoid for 8 Minutes): 50 points per 5
      • Upon purchasing potions please be aware that you are allowed to buy more than one type of potion.
  • Skills: (Text in Royal Blue are skills that you can choose to use anytime during gameplay)

    • Mercedes:
      • Water Shield(30% Dmg Reduction): 200 points
      • Ancient Warding(+1,500 Max HP): 100 points
      • Decent Haste(+20 speed and +10 jump): 50 points
      • Decent Door(120 second Duration)50 points per cast
      • Decent Hyper Body(+40% Max HP and MP): 100 points
      • Decent Combat Orders(Increase Skill Lvs. by 1): 75 points
      • Decent Advanced Bless(+475 Max HP and MP): 75 points
    • Arch Mage:
      • Magic Guard(80% of Dmg Goes into MP): 350 points
      • Buff Mastery(Buff Durration +50%): 100 points
      • Magic Armor(+120 W. Def. and +225 M. Def.): 50 points
      • Decent Haste(+20 speed and +10 jump)50 points
      • Decent Door(120 second Duration)50 points
      • Decent Hyper Body(+40% Max HP and MP)100 points
      • Infinity(Heal 10% of Hp and MP every 4 Seconds for 40 seconds, 3 Minute Cooldown)200 points per cast
      • Seal(Enemies can’t use skills)50 points per cast
      • Slow(Enemy Movement -80)75 Points per cast
    • Bow Master:
      • Drain Arrow(Absorbs 45% of Dmg given)15 points per cast
      • Pheonix(+40% Hp and 30% W./M. Def.): 150 points
      • Illusion Step(Dodge Chance 30%): 150 points
      • Sharp Eyes(+20% Crit. Rate and +30% Max Crit. Dmg): 75 points
      • Elite Puppet(Lures Mobs Away, Puppet HP: 27,400): 50 points per cast
      • Decent Hyper Body(+40% Max HP and MP)100 points per cast
      • Decent Door(120 second Duration)50 points per cast
    • Cosair:
      • Decent Hyper Body(+40% Max HP and MP)100 points
      • Battleship(+600 Hp and MP, +700 W./M. Def.): 150 points
    • Shadower:
      • Haste(+40 speed and +20 Jump): 75 points
      • Dark Sight(Cannot be Dmged by Physical Attacks)200 points per cast
      • Meso guard(Dmg Displacement): 200 points per cast
      • Smokescreen(Avoid Dmg for 43 seconds, 6 minute cooldown)175 points
      • Chakra(300% Recovery Rate: 60% of Dmg Taken, Can only be used if hp is less than 50%)150 points per cast


  • Every hit the person you’re escorting takes will result in a 10 point deduction
  • Every death of the person being escorted will result in a 250 point deduction and a 2 map penalty
  • Death of a player(you or your teammate) will result in a 100 point penalty
  • Death of the party will result in a 300 point deduction additional to the 100 points per player’s death

Gameplay Options:

  • Checkpoint: This is basically a save point, if the person you’re escorting dies, the timer will be stopped until he/she reaches your checkpoint. You cannot regress past the Checkpoint due to team or death of the person you’re escorting. Checkpoints will cost 300 points each and can be bought anytime. At the time of purchase, the map that you or the majority of the party is in, will be your Checkpoint.
  • Break: Anytime during gameplay you or your team can decide to take a break, this allows you, your party, and the person you’re escorting to sit in a safe spot in order to recover Hp and Mp. However the timer will continue to count. A break will cost 50 points.

Additional Options (These options are only allowed to be used if the resource is available, so please do not base any gameplay strategies based on this section):

  • Bishop: 
    • 150 point cost per life
    • Mystic Door(200 second duration): 100 points per cast
    • Holy Magic Shield(20 second duration, Attacks absorbed: 10, 30 second wait time till next shield available): 150 points per cast
    • Resurrect: Using this will decrease the penalty of a death by 50 points and no map penalty will be given.
Final Tally:
  • Potion Count(Only Applies to the following potions: Barbarian/Sorcerer Elixirs, Ginseng Root, and Ginger Ales)
    • +5 points for each of the potion unused
  • Achievements: 
    • No deaths: +250 points
    • Complete the event on Hard: +150 points
    • Rachie Status: Go through the event on “How Rachie does it”, +350 points
    • 4Ever Alone: When going in as a team, only 1 person escorts with no deaths. +200 points
    • Stuck Like Glue: Your group stays close together throughout the event. +200 points
    • Spam That Red Potion: Go through the event only using Red Potions +250 points
  • Time Bonuses:
    • 0-3:00 minutes : +300 points
    • 3:01 – 5:00 minutes : +250 points
    • 5:01-7:00 minutes : +200 points
    • 7:01-9:00 minutes : +150 points
    • 9:01-12:00 minutes : +100 points
    • 12:01-15:00 minutes : +50 points
    • +15:01 minutes : +0 points
I will post teams after the sign-up deadline ends. Each team please choose a leader and plan what potions and skills you want me to use and please leave a comment on the potions you want to use and your team’s leader. 
I hope to see you all here and hope you enjoy the event.
For those of you who read this post before the initial post, please visit:
  • Stronghold Team 1:  9,340
    • Members:
      • Clem (ClemmieX)
      • Rachie (iRandomAran)
      • Linn (ItsDefined)
      • Timmy (SanityStab)
    • Starting Point: Temple Of Time (Temple Of Time)
    • Destination: Hall Of Honor (Future Henesys)
    • Escorting: iRidePonyta, Lv. 200 Mercedes
  • Stronghold Team 2: 11,100
    • Members:
      • Eric (ShinyLapras)
      • Jen (iWubsYou)
      • Li (Sushiologist)
    • Starting Point: Temple Of Time (Temple Of Time)
    • Destination: Hall Of Honor (Future Henesys)
    • Escorting: iRidePonyta, Lv. 200 Mercedes
  • Leafre Team: Withdrawn
    • Members: 
      • Ej (LowDexBroo)
      • Ariel (iZapToes)
      • Dana (________)
    • Starting Point: Leafre (Leafre)
    • Destination: Cave of Life – Entrance (Leafre)
    • Escorting: SunlitWinter, Lv. 200 BowMaster
First place: 3 SushiPoints
Second place: 1 SushiPoint
Winner: Team 2
Runner-Up: Team 1
SushiPoint Count:
Li – 4
Clem – 4
Linn – 2
Rachie – 1
Ariel – 2
Jen – 3
Eric – 3
Timmy – 1

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  1. Niecey says:

    -waves hand-
    make it shorter to read plz 😀

  2. Binx says:

    Oh noes.. scarrrrrrrrry. And intense. LETS DO THIS!

  3. insanitygc says:

    3/5 qq Shammos with legs

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