End of the Month SushiPoint Event!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the month of March is almost over, that means it’s time to count up those SushiPoints and hope you’ll be the winner. However, before all that let’s do one more event. The SushiPoints given in this event will depend on how many people come to the event, so let us hope for a high attendance.

This event will be an escorting event. Depending on how many people show up, you will be escorting me, or an assistant of mine, to designated rendezvous points. Each the route taken will depend on your own character level, or the average level of your party. Specific gameplay details will be given in another post (i’ll be sure to add the link to that post to this one). Teams will also be on the gameplay detail post, so pay attention to the website so you know what will be going on.

In order to increase player attendance, i ask you to spread the word throughout the guild and alliance.

The meeting place will be determined after teams are made up.

Those of you wanting to participate, please leave a comment below with your name, character you’re going to use in the event, the job of that character and it’s level.

Cut-off date for sign-ups will be Friday, March 23rd 2012.

Those new to the SushiPoint event system please refer back to this post: https://sushiology.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/more-guild-events-on-the-way/

Date: Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Time: 3:00PM EST (12:00PM PST)

This is your last chance to to get SushiPoints for the month of March so i hope to see lots of people here. Also those of you who are planning to save your SushiPoints for next month, i will remind you that the SushiPoint item will change monthly so be sure to give them back to me to tally. Any lost SushiPoints will be counted against you.


Be sure to choose which character you’re using wisely!

Gameplay Notes: https://sushiology.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/richis-secret-service-sushipoint-event-2-gameplay/


20 Responses to End of the Month SushiPoint Event!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Timothy Huynh says:


  2. EJ says:

    Me XD EJ

  3. Richi says:

    Lv.170 Dark Knight

  4. Ariel Lawrence says:

    Ariel(iZapToes will be running)
    level 146 i/l mage

  5. Linn says:

    Lv. 195 mercedes

    ohyaaaaa :3

  6. Binx says:

    Binx -(CapuaTorrim)- 192 Demon Slayer

  7. Rachel W. says:

    ohgawd, my bad. LOL
    Ign: iRandomAran
    Level : 195
    Class: Aran

  8. Clem says:


  9. Eric Y. says:

    In Game Name: ShinyLapras
    Level: 200
    Class: Mercedes 😀

  10. Niecey says:



  11. Li says:

    I am down ^ ^

  12. Application cut-off post

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