Change in Event Name and More!!!

Update: Time was changed due to 2x Exp Events on Maple.

First i want to congratulate Clem(ClemmieX) and Li(Sushiologist) on being the victors in our first Token Event. Second, i’m changing the name to the SushiPoints Events just because i was able to get a character named that. Lastly we are going to have enough event on Sunday March 18, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST (12:00 PM PST). So pick up your weapons because we’re going to PvP. So everyone meet up at Battle Square promptly at 3:00 PM EST. Be sure to have room in your equip inventory because i will be issuing low Lv. equipment to everyone participating in order to make things a bit more fair. Hope to see you there


When: Sunday March 18, 2012 @ 3:00 PM EST(12:00 PM EST)

What: PvP event

Where: Battle Square, CH 7

Also, to those new to the SushiPoints Events, please read this post:


ItsDefined (Linn)





Thanks for joining in on the event, everyone who participated will receive 1 SushiPoint and our victor, Ariel, will gain an additional SushiPoint.

Current SushiPoint Holders:
Clem(ClemmieX) – 3

Li(Sushiologist) – 1

Ariel(DBfailsNowCC) – 2

Linn(ItsDefined) – 1


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  1. Richi says:

    Rawr =]

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