More Guild Events On The Way!!!

Hey everybody, guess what?!?!?

We’re going to be hosting a lot more events in the future, however we will not tell you when the event is. This is going to be based off your awareness of the website’s posts, we’ll be posting the event times and randomly so it’s up to you to visit the website to see if there are any event’s going on. Don’t worry, in most cases the event won’t be on the same day the post is made.

All the events will be posted under the “Up-Coming” category under “Events”

So you may be wondering how these events will work. Well for each event we hold you will be given a token, this token is going to be placed in your equip inventory so be sure not to lose it. Each token is crafted so it will say “-Crafted by:________”. Each month the item or the name on the token will change. At the end of the month the person with the most tokens will win a prize.

Prizes vary from Equips to NX.

We will be sure to take note on who attends the events and the number of tokens they hold.

Now that everything is said and done, how about we start the event off with a BANG and start the events off today. Check the “Up-Coming” category for details. Remember, your attendance towards the website is vital if you want  to win the prize.

This event style was NOToriginally my idea, so instead of giving credit to me for not coming up with this idea, give the credit to my Zenith Family ,Mode, and my guild leader Faze(ezaf). This probably wouldn’t be happening without them.



One Response to More Guild Events On The Way!!!

  1. Ariel Lawrence says:

    fun :]

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