Crimsonwood PQ!!!

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V.106 – Alliance Rising Update Notes

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Bored Blog…

Hey guys!

I’m a bit bored (due to maple downtime…) so I thought I would write a bit on the website. Anyways, as most of us have experienced the love/hate relationship with Maple as of late. There has been some good that has come of it. The constant lag and disconnection issues are bothersome but the 3x experience rate has been awesome. Many of our members have taken advantage of it and that makes me happy. I enjoy seeing that we’re all leveling up and couple of us have even hit level 200!

btw…GRATS TO RICHI & TIMMEH on level 200 status!

and hopefully more of use will be getting to that mark soon! Honestly it’s been fun and hopefully we can continue to make gains. Hmms…I guess that’s where I should leave off for now. I don’t think anyone wants to keep on reading me ramble. Until the next bored blog! Peace!

Much Love!

~ Li