Legend Experience?

In the midst of this epic patch, I want to take the time to ask…how is your experience with Legends?

Personally, I have found it amazing! It’s been quite exciting in almost every phase. I truly like the fact that many of you are diligently leveling and enjoying these new classes. Guess its safe to expect a few more 200s?

Anywho, how is everyone liking Legends? Let me know! I really wanna hear some responses.

Much Love! Sushi Nation!

~ Li


Going Strong!

We’re two phases in on the Legends patch and it seems to me that we’re all in full swing (#rachieOTL). Everyone is training and many of us are becoming active. It’s quite a astonishing! I am happy that we are making big strides with these new and exciting classes. A big congratulations to everyone! The levels keep going up and we’re getting stronger and stronger!

I am proud of everyone for as all their accomplishments. I am happy to see so many new faces in both guilds. Now, as we continue to pursue out maple goals. I hope we can all support one another and keep on pushing! Let’s keep on going strong through this Legends phase! I hope to see a highly leveled Cannon Masters and Mercedes’

Well, that’s all for now. Much love!

– Li

Update: Help Box!

Hey guys!

Just a quick little up-date and addition to the website. Richi suggested that we make a section dedicated to providing help. Well great news! We now have a “Help Box” section where you may post about any concerns, issues or questions that you may have. Feel free to use it to your liking! We will be sure to check the section daily and try to do our best to provide assistance.

How to find it? Scroll over “The Extras” and click on “Help Box” and you will be taken to the page!

Also, here’s a link: Help Box

~ Li

Seasons Greetings! ft. New Layout

It’s December! Meaning the Winter Holidays are around the corner. This is the time of the year we usually see an increase in activity because people are out of school and on break. This December is also going to be big Maplestory wise. The Legends patch is on the cusp for it’s release and I am sure everyone is as excited as I am. November was a great month and I am hoping this up-coming December is even better!

Updates? Well…if you haven’t noticed we went red! New layout for our website. As for other in-game related news I am probably going to get to that in a later post. Anyways I am thankful for all of the activeness I’ve seen from both Sushiology & SushiBoat! We have a lot of new members and we are definitely looking forward to the continual development. Much Love!

~ Li