News from Sushiologist!

Hey guys!

Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying summer vacation. I do have some unfortunate news to share with you all. During the weekend’s 2x event my computer decided to tank. Now after some time investigating the issue, I’ve confirmed that my Graphics Card is dead. Yes, I could probably just replace it but I have decided to rather go ahead and build my own computer (like I’ve been planning too).

What does this mean?

Well for one, I will not be active as much as I used to. I am limited in resources in which I could use to log on. I will do my absolute best to get all of this taken care of as soon as possible! Hopefully I will be set by the time chaos is here (but it doesn’t seem absolute). All I ask is that everyone continues what they’re doing. I leave the guilds in capable hands because my juniors know how to run things in my absence.

So let’s go ahead and kill the rumors (if there are any). I appreciate the time. I just wanted to make sure everyone got an update about my whereabouts. Hope to be back to full speed as soon as possible! Much love to all of my members as well as Insight! Sushiology & SushiBoat

Oh incase you do want to contact me. I have Skype, MSN and AIM. I’ll leave my Skype name below.

Skype: Simply.Li

~ Li


New look…for the summer?

Been a while and I realize this page has kind of gotten dull but i’m looking into revival. It’s summer and members are starting to get active again and new members are joining us and all. I’m looking forward to an eventful Summer and maybe there will be plenty of updates to blog about! I really do want this page to develop, so i’m not giving up on it yet!

Anyways, I do have some up-and-coming news for the month of June. Of course many of us are aware that Chaos is around the corner and more changes are coming. I did ask many of our members to try and reach the level 160 milestone and hopefully we can start bossing up! We also are going to try to CWK at least weekly so we have some activity for the guilds.

Let’s keep on with the growth and development of our guilds! Love you all!

~ Li