Wrap-Ups and News

Well March is around the corner, so I thought maybe I’d spice the site up a bit. New banner and new background! Anyways, it’s been a minute but I thought I would get back into fixing this. It’s definitely a work in progress but now that I’ve hit 170 I have a lot more time on my hands. I’m basically going to drop a few updates and notices for you guys.

Well first of all, thank you to all my juniors who have been actively recruiting. We have many new members and many new faces in the guilds. Hopefully we continue to get strong and build up. I’ll probably do a re-up on the basil listing to gain a few more members.

Guild PQ:
Well Richi thinks it would be nice to start GPQing again. Yes! I know we do not get points for it but hey, it’s time we can spend together. We should start getting GPQ back into our habits.

Guild Spotlight:
I think I will be doing our very first guild spotlight for the month of March. If you’re interested in helping me out (juniors especially) talk to me in-game and i’ll break it down for you. I need help coming up with some questions and such.

I know our guild is really relaxed on the whole leveling thing but let’s try to get to 120 or atleast 130 so that we can boss a lot more efficiently. It’s only to ensure that we, as a guild are able to step up to bigger and better things (like guild CWKing). Because if we level and we get stronger, we can do more things together as a guild. It only helps out on building our bonds.

Well that’s it for now, for those of you that have read this. I really appreciate that you took the time in doing so. If you would be so kind, pass it on to a fellow -Ology or -Boat member. We’re in the same family so I want us going the same direction.

As always, love you guys! ~ Li


Hitting 170 and Plans!

Well, after a long an tumultuous journey from 168 to 170, I’ve finally done it. What does this mean? NO I’M NOT QUITING! (sorry, don’t mind the yelling). I am however taking a break on my DB. Don’t worry I will still be online and such to ensure things are going and running smoothly. I will also be participating and still holding boss runs. I also hope that my juniors continue to do what you are doing. Thanks guys I appreciate it.

So why a break? Well it’s been grueling and cumbersome for a while and normally by Winter I would of taken a break already but it’s different now. I hold my responsibilities to you guys (the guild). Therefore I will always try to maintain a presence. I do plan on working on my gear during this time and merching, so this time will not go wasted. As for bossing, I will still push for it. As well as GPQing and CWKing.

My plans? With the launch of Golden Temple I hope I can use this time to level up my BoE mules in preparation for LHC and upcoming game updates. I will most likely be online on two characters so if i’m needed i’ll let the guild know which character im on.

Well that’s it from me. I’ll probably start writing a lot more since I have a little more time on my hands. Thanks for reading!

Love you guys ~ Li